What I Hate About Your Programming Language
Subject:   What I hate about RPG
Date:   2003-05-14 15:38:42
From:   anonymous2
Response to: What I hate about RPG

I hate RPG because it lets me access the database with incredible ease and allows me to generate cost effective code and allows me to generate cost effective code again and again.
I hate RPG because it helps me to think in processes and transactions.
I hate RPG because I can't talk for hours with my 'C' colleagues about 'performance' and how to squeeze another cycle.

(My last project was in C and I have had somuch fun hearing the buzzword 'performance' cut off all the corners for this project. Nothing is good except C. Please take me away from these 'performance queens'; they have twenty years of experience in C - and vanity. The project is not on time, doesn't deliver what was promised and will eventually be a write-off. In other words; just as people can have a licence but cannot drive so people can be experienced programmers in C (or else) and ... So does the type of language actually has anything to do with 'it' in a greater scope)

A language just expresses a solution, it isn't one.
I like Pascal, REXX, COBOL, RPG and C and probably any other one I will learn.