What I Hate About Your Programming Language
Subject:   Java + Exceptions
Date:   2003-05-15 10:11:33
From:   chromatic
Response to: Java + Exceptions

Yes, that's exactly my gripe.

If I don't think a missing file is an exceptional condition within the current program, I don't really have the option to ignore FileNotFoundException. I either catch it explicitly or let it propogate upwards and crash with a stack trace.

I'd like to be able to ignore (as in, "not have to write any code to tell the language not to do something") certain exceptions sometimes. I don't have that option in Java, unless I do a bit of metaprogramming or rethrow exceptions as run-time exceptions, or some other technique.

The problem with a mandatory, checked exception system is that what Sun thinks are exceptional conditions are not always what I think are exceptional conditions in certain situations.

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