What I Hate About Your Programming Language
Subject:   better than C
Date:   2003-05-15 10:21:27
From:   anonymous2
I read your article with deep regret. The most useful language I know of was not mentioned. I use PowerBasic everyday.

It produces faster and smaller code than C. It can address either complex or trivial problems in a snap.

Its chief, and only, deficiency so far as I can determine, it that it has a name that is unsuitable for mass appeal.

If "PowerBasic" had been called "Snap" or "Beano" or just about anything but "Basic" it would have been the longstanding hit of programmers. But the word "Basic" carries with it an implicit insult to programmers who know their own work is anything but "basic."

There would be justification for steering clear of PowerBasic if it were anything like VisualBasic, which I find to be so dreadful that it is unusable. There might also be lingering justifications for not using PowerBasic if it contained some of the limitations of its predecessors. But in its present versions for my purposes there is only one word to describe it: "ideal."

Since this is a statement in praise of PowerBasic. I would like to be clear that I am not associated with the PowerBasic company in anyway, except to be a customer.
Ike Jeanes