Geeking in the Third World
Subject:   I have mixed feelings on this.....
Date:   2003-05-15 13:08:12
From:   anonymous2
While I applaud the concept of getting I.T. people out to developing nations to help build the infrastructure - something doesn't sit with me quite right. For one thing, I guess it seems like Geekcorps is providing a lot of free labor to companies that will (or hope to!) eventually make large profits on the results. Since they're saying 90% of their funding comes from international development funds provided by the U.S. - doesn't that really amount to the United States paying for I.T. staff to work for private businesses in other countries?

I, myself, had some initial interest in volunteering for a project like this, but to put it bluntly, I'm not quite sure there's anything in it for me. The pay is lousy (expected with a volunteer organization, of course, but still worth mentioning to point out that salary certainly is no "plus" to this type of assignment). The work seems to be going to companies that really should be trying to hire people from overseas, instead of "leeching" off of volunteers. The countries the work is being done in aren't ones most people I know would put on a list of "places they'd really like to visit, sometime", either.

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