Embedded Linux: Semantics and Reality
Subject:   Great Book True Comments
Date:   2003-05-16 12:28:16
From:   philwil

Just thought that I'd issue a comment here.
Great work on the book, we need many more of these. The scope and content are excellent.
I know the commitment it takes to do this sort of venture go buy it and read it.

I also think that the article rings true to some extent.

The Embedded Linux hype was fostered by the hopes of Mega Bucks from any one who "owned this space". Having seen the crumbling towers from the inside out I saw attempts by many to put the Genie in a Jar.

I am glad that those attempts failed and that the spirit of inventive cooperation is alive and well among the Embedded Linux Developers.

I feel sympathy for those who lost their jobs and
have had to realign their careers.

The glossy print has faded but some new
interesting "things" are emerging.

1/ Many "Roll your own OS" companies are starting Linux projects. When faced with a complex System and even more complex chips the Linux solution is
preferable to trying to catch up on your own system.

2/ Systems using embedded Linux come ready to roll with a large number of interfaces and options already working. "Hey look, you an even log in to it ".

3/ Commercial OS's, some of them quite good, are very expensive. They have to be, they cost a lot to create and support.

4/ Linux is used more and more as the system of comparison at talks and sales presentations.

I work exclusively in Embedded and Real Time Linux Training and Support. I have trained more people this year on uClinux than in the past three years combined.

I have seen more projects started this year than in the last three combined.

So true products based on Embedded Linux are not yet falling off the shelves but there are a great number of good systems creeping out of the woodwork.

Phil Wilshire
System Design & Consulting Services, LLC