What I Hate About Your Programming Language
Subject:   Ideal language: Delphi w/ Clarion influence
Date:   2003-05-16 12:40:02
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Ideal language: Delphi w/ Clarion influence


I've looked at REXX, and it seemed nice (I used it on Amiga and OS/2). Last I checked though, it didn't compile, and also it doesn't have nearly the standard libraries that Delphi or Java has. (At least it doesn't have the mess that C has).

One thing that's often over-looked is that diversity is great, but when people write something in a non-compiled language like PERL, the users need to have the runtime interpreter, and often, libraries installed. I find it impossible to have my linux machine without having stuff like NROFF, PERL, PYTHON, RUBY, etc., that I will never use directly. I think it's great to have diversity in languages, but I don't think we need scripting-language-of-the-week club either. Most things probably should be compiled.