Googling Your Email
Subject:   *Fast* Indexed Search
Date:   2003-05-16 15:21:47
From:   anonymous2
Many other applications will let you search your email. The user experience is entirely different if the search is fast and is run against the entire body of text.

Running a search against a 500MB store of emails on outlook can take minutes. Indexed search can take seconds or even fractions of a second.

I currently use the "Nelson Email Organizer" with outlook. It provides indexed search, so that I can find a message within seconds. It also creates automatic folders (a kind of standing search) for each correspondent. Indexing makes these operations instantaneous or very quick, so that I no longer need to organize my emails into folders.

If the cost of a search is low to me, I will do it often, changing fundamentally how I organize and retrieve information.

Speed matters. We should be able to Google everything, including our file system. Windows 2000 and XP have a built in indexing service, but Microsoft does little with it (it does a poor job of speeding up the "Find" function.)