What I Hate About Your Programming Language
Subject:   My favourite languages. (Objective C, OCAML and Ruby)
Date:   2003-05-17 05:47:49
From:   anonymous2
Hangul, Latin and French.

Only joking.

Objective C is really worth checking out. It has most of the benefits of OO, with very little syntax change over C. It lacks class variables and multiple inheritence. Class variables are not really a problem because static variables can be used in the interface declaration files. Multiple inheritance is a pain. As the java user once said to the vicar. Either way, it's also a very well documented language and the memory management side effects of the model give a very smooth ride. Apple have hit the nail on the head by applying it to Cocoa. Although strictly speaking NeXt hit the nail on the head. You should check this out if you've done Smalltalk, because it uses very similar messaging protocols.

OCAML is seldom heard of but is piece of piss to learn if you've worked with LISP or ML or any functional language really. It's extremely fast, almost as fast as C and to boot has memory management. ( - Free book available, GPL)

Ruby; one word blocks.