What I Hate About Your Programming Language
Subject:   Beside Taste
Date:   2003-05-19 02:54:17
From:   anonymous2
Taste is not a good criteria for choosing a language. Environment seems another one.

Considering the number of mediocre programmers you can get compared to the number of good programmers, my preference is highly biased to a language which makes it hard to make mistakes.

Also most people arround are early trained in procedural thinking. Once you have forgotten the initial pain when you first learn to press every problem in a sequence of steps it seems to be hard to learn alternative ways. Strange enough.

The pointer is still a mistery to many people and they panic when they have look at a piece of C code using pointers. It's a pitty cause sometimes pointers can be cool, expressive and efficient. But at some point it seems to require knowledge of hardware design. And isn't the world full with memory overflow vulnerabilities. I wonder if people can not make it better or don't want to.

We're doing Java on the server side and I would not like to see what happened if we did it in something different than Java. And we have been very successfully using XSLT to separate layout from function. But training people XSLT is hard.

I try to look at a new language every other year. Unfortunately commercial environments do not let you change your major project language so fast, you have to stick to a compromise.