Are Rich Clients Taking Off or Tanking?
Subject:   Flash not consistent on main platforms
Date:   2003-05-19 23:19:55
From:   anonymous2
The Macintosh community seems to be up in arms about how they are being neglected by macromedia. The players are excrutiatingly slower for no apparant reason. The older versions worked just fine. The development environment is also getting negative reports from OS X users and there appears to be only token gestures made by one or two of Macromedia's staff. If Flash is supposed to be a ubiquitous front end for our Apps, Macromedia has to make sure it works well on the Mac. If it only works well in Windows environments, well then it is a heck of a lot better for me to do native development on each platform using Webservices as my glue to the middle and back-ends.

I'd rather have an application that works well than an application that pretends to be multiplatform but really does it poorly.

It's the same old issues we programmers have been debating for decades. Do we try to write average apps that work on everything, or do we use best of breed for each platform, and make sure our designs are portable and use best practices to seperate our presentation layers minimizing the coding effort. The later seems to be what always wins out. As long as each platform wants to differentiate by innovation developers will be drawn to write apps that will be superior to their generalized competitors.

Too, Macromedia seems to be responding mainly to their largest client base which is contrary to the whole purpose behind flash. Maybe, ideologically, Open Source is the only way we can get a browser based presentation layer that is consistent and unified.

References to some of the Mac Flash problems: