Soldiers Renege on Hackers
Subject:   So sick of sanctimonious Canadian wankers.
Date:   2003-05-20 21:45:51
From:   anonymous2
Give me a break. You ask for (taxpayer funded) money for your totally extraneous and exceedingly expensive social function (all the while fallaciously claiming you are somehow above helping the cause you *ARE* helping) and then you are dumb enough to spit in the face of the guy who is throwing the party.

Gee, why don't more people take OSS seriously when we have such skilled ambassadors to represent the OSS community as a reliable and accountable alternative to that offered by closed-source vendors with decades-long track records of meeting the government's needs?

All Theo did was squander a nice opportunity for OSS by spouting his bubblegum brand of bimbo geopolitics when he should have either said "Thank you" or "No thank you, but I'd rather not participate". A savvy movement would recognize this for what it was: An inept "leader" who damaged the cause he wanted to promote so that he could impress his friends with the extensive depth of geopolitical knowledge that pours into Calgary like a NSA datacenter. Good job.