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  Transforming iCal Calendars with Java
Subject:   iCal uses IETF iCalendar 2.0 format
Date:   2003-05-21 13:54:38
From:   anonymous2
Apple iCal uses IETF iCalendar 2.0 format for encoding its events. This is a standard for cross platform scheduling [RFC 2445, RFC 2446, RFC 2447. We can all thank Apple for choosing a standard's based approach to its newest applications. Rather than having a proprietary file format with limited import/export options, Apple chooses the interchange format itself as the iCal storage format.

[Sorry about the previous empty post, I hit ^M instead of ^I, by accident.]

Brett Johnson

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  1. Daniel H. Steinberg photo iCal uses IETF iCalendar 2.0 format
    2003-05-21 13:57:48  Daniel H. Steinberg | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

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