Serve Your iCal Calendars Using WebDAV
Subject:   iCal can't Publish
Date:   2003-05-21 15:26:41
From:   midnightlightning
I have finally got WebDAV working on my local desktop running Jaguar (I had the XLM errors caused by PHP being loaded after WebDAV), and now the WebServer starts up without errors with the WebDAV commands in the httpd.conf file, but iCal gives an error whenever I try to publish. The exact error is: "Calendar could not be published. There was an unknown network error (2001)." I am trying to publish a calendar from my iBook to my iMac (iMac is running the webserver), using an Airport network created by the iMac. I've used the iMac's Rendezvous name and it's IP number in the URL field in iCal with no success. Any guesses?