Buy Where You Shop
Subject:   Book Stores
Date:   2003-05-22 09:28:52
From:   rkovars
I enjoyed reading your article about buying where you browse. I live in the Northeast United States, a rather tech savy area.

I agree that a bookstore is not a library. I too see far too many people 'lounging' in bookstores. It is one thing to go tothe bookstore to browse because you are killing time or out shopping. It is quite another to use it as a resource without giving anything back.

There is also something to be said about the large chain vs the small independant. I have been frequenting a small independant store in my area. I try to get anything I can from them. They are kind curteous and responsive to my needs. They continually listen to the input to improve the store. They get my vote over the big stores any day. One thing I can say is that anyone who shrugs and tells me they rely on corporate for their business would lose a customer.

I think in a situation like this you have to think about the author too. Sometimes that good deal online is too good to be true and the author is left out of the loop. Publishing is a strange and wild game.

The bottom line to any of this, I think, is that if we want to see more books on the shelves, we have to pony up for the privelage.