Location, Location, Location: Tips for Storing Web Site Files
Subject:   add rendezvous names
Date:   2003-05-22 19:12:11
From:   maarky
Response to: add rendezvous names

I got a workaround. Look at this article:

and read my comment:

I do something slightly different on my computer than what is in my comment above. Since I am never connected to a rendezvous network I can skip a lot of the steps in that article. I just want my sites to show up in the rendezvous list in my browser because I think it's neat. So if you're like me you can follow the steps in this "Location, Location, Location..." article (without having to do everything in the above article). If you follow the link above to read my comment simply make these changes to what I say there:

I use this in my httpd.conf rendezvous directive:

RegisterResource "PHP Docs" "/virtualRedirect.php?domain=php.mac"
(adapt this for your own virtual domains)

And I create a file in the specified location with this php code:

header('Location: http://'.$_GET['domain']);

Give it a try. It works for me.