The AltiVec Difference
Subject:   The real world
Date:   2003-05-24 23:02:26
From:   anonymous2
We use high end Avid editing systems. Avid are just about to bring to the market a new system called Adrenalane. It will now plug into a PC or Mac via FireWire. So it is now possible to compare speed. The Mac is running on dual 1.33 MHz and the PC on a HP dual 2.33 Mhz, so If AltiVec was say giving us a conervitive 2 times speedup you would expect a similiar speed. But is not the case, the Mac runs half as slow as the PC, and I assume part of the reason that the software has not been optimised for Altivec and is unlikely to be so, thats the real world talking, and if Apple do not get their processor act to-gether thats where they will be out in the cold real world and nobody buying their boxes