Weblog:   Has the RIAA ownz0r'd Your Apple? - Updated
Subject:   RTFM
Date:   2003-05-28 15:18:16
From:   anonymous2
As has been noted the previous version of iTunes was only supposed to work on the local subnet. Apple patched the code to match the original documentation so I really do fail to see how this is some underhanded plot on Apple's part.

You really do need to retract these comments as they are totally unfounded.

You might also want to remove the smarmy Linux Kernel comment as well.

Finally, I really do have to agree with the poster who mentioned how utterly juvenile the hax0r-speak in the title is. Its just bloody lame and it makes the author look like...well like a 12 year-old IRC script kiddie.

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    2003-05-29 01:31:36  anonymous2 [View]

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