Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar
Subject:   serving thru airport
Date:   2003-05-28 19:39:34
From:   anonymous2
i have set up apache the way i need, but my machine[pismo
G3/400] is on airport. i have installed dyndns client on one of the machines and it is responding with the ip that the base station has. in the base station, i have set up portmapping and assigned public port 5001 for port 548, 80 to a static ip that i fill into the server.

when i log into the server for file sharing from the office i go to 'connect to server', then and the airport station sends my request along to the server and i can get into my sharepoints.

but when from a browser i put in or, then the only thing that happens is timeout.

is there any docs or tutorials on the site about serving behind airport?

any help would be great...


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  1. serving thru airport
    2003-06-02 01:45:18  anonymous2 [View]

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