Why Try to Out-Google Google?
Subject:   Why do I use Google?
Date:   2003-05-29 03:08:06
From:   anonymous2
(1) Google searches and finds.

(2) Google maximizes result and minimizes impact on my browser and desktop.

(3) Google does not try to feed me with ads.

(4) Google does not ask me "Where do you want to go today?" or anything similar.

(5) Google (as an imaginary person) is the best technical support engineer I ever had to deal with. Always welcoming, always responsive. If, at 3 A.M., I paste "perl: rpmio_internal.h:447: c2f: Assertion `fd && fd->magic == 0x04463138' failed" into the search field, in less than a minute, I know I can save the night by typing "urpmi --clean".

Regarding the last point:

Self technical support is now possible and efficient because most of the lost souls of this planet have already posted 99% (?) of the problems and workarounds that one can meet while trying something. You don't feel lucky if you're the first one to try something new (or the last one to try something too old).

I would be very unhappy to see that free service absorbed into a larger commercial entity. First, I really like it as it is today. Second, it had become possible thanks to the Google technology but also thanks to all of us who did post information on web sites or usenet.

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  1. thanks for urpmi --clean (was Why do I use Google?)
    2003-06-08 06:30:38  anonymous2 [View]

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