Weblog:   Apple As Innovator
Subject:   Jini and Rendezvous: Apples and Oranges
Date:   2003-05-29 15:28:36
From:   timoreilly
Response to: Jini and Rendezvous: Apples and Oranges

This comment reminds me of the disparaging comments that SGML proponents made about HTML and the WWW. Ditto the folks who were building GUI apps, or beautiful multimedia CD-ROMs. All of them saw how much was lacking in the WWW. But sometimes, less is more. This is a major point of Clayton Christenson's book, The Innovator's Dilemma.

We have to ask ourselves why Jini and Jxta never took off? I think that the answer is that they tried to solve too many problems too early. My guess is that much of their work will be rediscovered. But right now, we just need a low-barrier-to-entry method for getting started in ad-hoc networking, and Rendezvous seems to fill the