Video Playback and Encoding with MPlayer and MEncode
Subject:   About MPlayer and MEncoder
Date:   2003-05-30 10:05:42
From:   anonymous2
The top of the top for encode and play video.
Very fast and stable.
My system : shuttle, PIII 933Mhz, video savage4 PM133

OK for :
- View DVD under x11 with -vo xv and -vo dga full screen 1280 x 768

- Encode DVD fps 17-18 , hi-q with crop all and use ASPECT RATIO whith FFMEG.
- Encode TV, video recorder, etc... produce in REAL TIME (fps 25) MPEG4 DIVX 384 x 288 whith FFMEG !!!

An anomynous user of.

Thanks to Árpád Gereöffy and all others programmers
et .. vive linux !!!