Weblog:   Apple As Innovator
Subject:   Where we would be if Apple would not be here
Date:   2003-05-30 18:11:35
From:   anonymous2
If Apple did not exist, Tom Warren would probably have written the computer history... As it was, he worked for Apple at the end of the seventies. His ideas were very good but his hiring in Apple as a technician slowed down and eventually cooled down his aspirations completely.
If Apple never existed, Tom would have started his own company... Teligent.
He really believed that computers should adapt to humans, not the other way around. Through the years, Interfaces were designed to allow a more "human" control over the computer.
The computers were designed to support the human thought process and processing habilities, not supplant them.
Since the beginning, computers were not designed to sit on desks but to be worn... but technology was a little slow to catch on that at first.
His idea of computing were so much out of the streamlined thinking that it took him a few years to demonstrate their validity. His core ideas were that processor speed is not important... If the computer allows us to do things our way, we'll do things even faster than with faster processors. He was right.
He also thought that computers, above and beyond were instruments of communication and of knowledge.
By this time, there were computers that interacted more directly with our bodies and that provide a much more "idea oriented" interface than the desktop interface we have...
3d holo screens were common place since the UI had been designed as a 3d interface since the beginning but for a while, technology level was not ready
On other fronts, Microsoft never really existed and the small company was bought by Sun Microsystems in 1976 .

Apple never really existed either and the idea that Jobs and Wosniak had of the first Apple computer never appeared. Humorously, the Apple company name was used by a wallpaper company...

Neural interface was created in 2006, but the idea actually emerged first in 1982 and computer history was changed forever. No more screen just a 3d, 360 workspace.
Teligent's ideas shaped the computer industry for years, until the great integration of 2014 where a worldwide consortium of companies decided to move to a single self evolutive operating system.