Implementing BIND on Mac OS X
Subject:   Success !!!
Date:   2003-05-31 16:18:58
From:   macmartin
Response to: Success !!!

I agree that this article is pretty much all-right an just enough for the first try-outs on DNS.
I think seriously using such powerful tools like BIND of course need some deeper understanding on the theory behind it such as TCP/IP, ISO-OSI etc.

Concerning your questions I can only give it a try (any reactions will be appreciated)

No idea whatīs the reason for this wish
- on my system (10.2.6) there is not even a user "named" in the passwd by default
It might work, if you would chown named the named - file and set the SUID-BIT:
# sudo chown named /usr/sbin/named
# sudo chmod u+s /usr/sbin/named
Plese post, whether this works.
Of course the user "named" must have sufficient rights to do the job well.

I donīt know. whether I got you right, because it seems so simple to me.
Just tell the client-machines that their DNS-Server is the machine (your slave who acts as master) that you want to do the main work of name resolution.
This should make them ask the slave.

Cantīt say anything about Mac OS X Server, since I donīt have it.

Hope this will push the discussion.
By the way:
If anyone is interested in some occasional email-exchange on Howto configure Mac OS X please post

I myself have configured BIND 8.3.4 mainly with the help of an article about BIND on SuSE Linux.
If only someone could tell me what the
named[1024]: Forwarding source address is [].49246
in the system.log means, Doesnīt seem to be correct.

greetings from germany