Weblog:   SCO, Microsoft, and Linux
Subject:   Virtual Server? Why?
Date:   2003-06-01 05:32:02
From:   anonymous2
Why would anybody buy Windows and install Linux on with Virtual Server? Especially for a SERVER?

The reason companies run Linux is because it's cheaper than buying Windows. If you're going to be buying Windows, that reason is gone.

You might counter claim that Linux is more stable than Windows. That might have been true before MS switched to the NT kernel from the Windows 3.1-95-98-ME mess - today it's really not that much of a consideration despite the hype.

Linux is a compelling product mostly because it's cheaper. From 1993-1997 Linux was *clearly* superior to Windows in terms of stability, and it didn't make much inroads then. Of course, then a computer cost $2K, I'm using a $300 1 Ghz machine to write this now. Hardware cheap enough now to make Windows a significant part of the cost of the solution.

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