Aspect-Oriented Programming and JBoss
Subject:   Why inventing new AOP and not using existing one?
Date:   2003-06-03 00:04:05
From:   mszklano

I am AOP passionate for about half a year. I wonder why you decided to invent the whole new AOP concept and implementation instead of using existing, mature frameworks like AspectJ.

AspectJ exists here for several years, has proven its value, is used in several production environment, and, IMHO, provides better flexibility when talking about AOP, than your implementation.

Or maybe your point-of-view is different? Maybe you chose declarative programming instead of messing up Java code with syntactic additions?

Could you please answer my question?

Second, this article, you have posted to OnJava is just the tip of iceberg. You claim to implement some very interesting aspect inside JBoss 4.0. Maybe you can share this knowledge in next article. It would be extremely interesting to see how you implementation of AOP works in real productiona environment...

BTW. why you guys have not registered JBoss AOP as AOP implementation on

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  1. Why inventing new AOP and not using existing one?
    2003-06-03 07:52:34  patriot1burke [View]

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