Controlling Your Mac with AppleScript and Java
Subject:   what are the requirements to make this work
Date:   2003-06-03 01:19:48
From:   anonymous2
It looks like all you have to do is run the javac on the command line with the right classpath to make it work and import the foundation package.

I am trying to add this to a project of mine that started as a project builder java swing application and it seems to not work very well. I am getting the error as it instantiates the class i created.
[LaunchRunner Error] CardAdmin.main(String[]) threw an exception:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/apple/cocoa/foundation/NSAppleScript

Should i be using cocoa-java, or does the more pure java work. Is there something i can do to specify in my target where the classes should be, or should i add them to my project.