Inside iPhoto: Image Management for Power Shooters
Subject:   Canon QuickTime movies & iPhoto
Date:   2003-06-03 10:29:07
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Canon QuickTime movies & iPhoto

I have the same camera. Rather than using any Canon software, I solved the problem by buying a Compact Flash card reader online for about $7.00. Now when I take the card out the camera and place it in the reader, iPhoto recognizes the card as "Mass Storage" and I can import the images as I did through the camera. (This also saves camera batteries.) But the really great thing is that the card shows up on the desktop as a generic hard drive and I can grab the movies right off card with the Finder. Quicktime plays the movies no problem. You can also then import the movies to iMovie and re-export them as Quicktime .MOV files which can be much smaller file size (for e-mailing) than the original .avi file, though it does loose some quality.