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Hack:   The NoCat Night Light
Subject:   So how does it work when you plug in a vacuum cleaner
Date:   2003-06-05 06:43:59
From:   anonymous2
Response to: So how does it work when you plug in a vacuum cleaner

The DSPs used in PLC devices use OFDM over a specific set of carrier frequencies. It monitors the noise on the carriers and when a spike occurs it simply shuts off those carriers temporarily. When the noise stops it reclaims those frequencies. Yes, it can cause degradation, but not like you would think. The most detrimental thing to a PLC device is a transformer, some worse than others. They tend to be black holes that absorb the PLC signal completely.
As far as Home Plug devices, there are some issues with the number of devices that can be successfully attached to a network at once. The literature says something like 16-32 devices, but you would be hard pressed to get more than 8 up at one time.
All that being said, the NoCat is a pretty interesting hack!