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Subject:   Hardware specs?
Date:   2003-06-06 05:35:10
From:   anonymous2
Why does no one ever give their hardware specs when saying something can or can't handle a load? PHPNuke often has 300+ users 'online' and doesn't appear all that slow (not postnuke, but phpnuke). However, they may have HUGE hardware behind them (mandrake sponsored them for awhile, and I imagine provided hosting/bandwidth). What were the specs on the machine that the jboss site was running on, and is it the exact same specs for the new machine.

I know the postnuke code is nowhere near optimized for speed, but I can not believe that someone running moderate hardware using php/mysql had 60+second times for basic CMS stuff, and *couldn't figure out how to optimize it*, yet supposedly writes 'enterprise-ready' software. That's just scary. Sure, people will flame me and chalk it up to PHP being immature, not as cool as Java, etc., but pretty much most of what we build can scale to what they need, given moderate hardware.

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