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Subject:   JLCP!!!
Date:   2003-06-09 07:19:12
From:   anonymous2
Response to: JLCP!!!

why is that bad to be tied to JBoss ?

if I can save thousand of lines of codes because the code is already written in there, is that a bad thing to do it ?

if JBoss offers features others don't have is that bad to use them for the sake of simplicity ?

we are able to add features others cannot do thanks to JBoss :

For instance we can hotdeploy remote additional modules in a Nukes instance without to have to reset anything. Can you do that ?

JBoss enables us to a provide packaged distribution, you unzip and run and you have a Nukes running without doing more.

Franckly I don't see the BIG problem. If we want to use EJB there is a need for an opensource appserver, do you see any other credible opensource server ? because at the end of the day, a lot of OS java CMS will run on JBoss. Don't take it bad but from your installation file :

# App server to use
*** appserver=jboss ***


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