Implementing BIND on Mac OS X
Subject:   Trailing dots!
Date:   2003-06-09 11:21:15
From:   anonymous2
Hello Jason, I know you from the Mac OS X Server mailing list and we've also chatted a couple of times on iChat. I read your article as a nice introduction to a simple DNS configuration, but I feel there are some things you left out that maybe should have been included, like the configuration of the forward loopback zone.

Other than that, the article is very consice and complete... good in short. Just some tiny details that escaped you: IN SOA

You forgot to put the trailing dot just after the "" record pointing to the SOA entry. And also:

; name servers IN NS IN NS

The trailing dots are missing there too! The funny thing is that you even mention it in the paragraph below: "be careful about those trailing dots"! Looks like it bit you!

Well Jason, thanks for your offerings for the Mac-UNIX community, I'm sure plenty here appreciate them. Congratulations on all the articles you're already published, keep up the good work!


Juan Manuel Palacios (
(you rememeber me now?)