Embedded Systems, Linux, and the Future
Subject:   ELC specifications
Date:   2003-06-10 07:40:48
I enjoyed this article quite a lot. Karim has again done a great job of presenting useful information about embedded Linux.

However, as an active member of the ELC standards working group, (but speaking as an individual, not on behalf of our group), I need to remind everyone that our group welcomes, encourages, entreats, begs, and otherwise pleads with interested parties to participate. We made the process as open as we could. The legal documents are meant to insure that any technology we include in the standard is indeed freely available. It is not meant to exclude anyone from participation.

Karim made a similar comment in his excellent book. The process is open. It is not being, and was not, done, by a secret group behind closed doors.

Just because some folks have a distaste for all things legal doesn't mean that one may flaunt legal issues without risk. Just think SCO.

If anyone wishes to participate please contact me or the ELC. We will welcome you.

Kevin Dankwardt