Morpheus Out of the Underworld
Subject:   Spyware from Morpheus ruined my cpu
Date:   2003-06-10 20:54:26
From:   anonymous2
My computer crashed and I discovered with the help of an expert, that I had gotten about 8 spyware programs and they literally made my computer freeze whenever I got on the internet. I never read the fine print before downloading "free" programs such as Morpheus, but many of them come out and tell you that you are getting a "bundle" and that it can contain spyware-so not only are you risking your bank account numbers and all personal information, but you may very well do serious damage to your computer. It seems viruses are not the biggest of our concerns with these programs afterall. Be Careful! I am considering downloading a version that you have to pay a small fee to use(KazaA Gold?) If anyone knows how safe they are, please post a message. Thanks!