Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution
Subject:   Why "flat" display of comments is necessary
Date:   2003-06-11 02:05:05
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Why "flat" display of comments is necessary

It sounds like you spent more time doing all those nerdy calculations then actually digesting the article. :)

Why don't you just hit the stop button and then hit the "Topics" or "Main Titles" links. Or better yet, get a broadband Internet connection and stop asking everyone to dumb down their content for your crappy dialup.

In any case, isn't complaining to Tim O'Reily about the web site's message board software kind of like complaining to Stephen King that you don't like the paper they used to publish his last book? Are you picturing Tim sitting behind the computer coding his own web site??? Why don't you find a feedback link or send e-mail to Then at least your complaint might get read by someone who can do something about it.

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  1. Why "flat" display of comments is necessary
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