Top Ten Mac OS X Tips for Unix Geeks
Subject:   Cool Article
Date:   2003-06-12 13:34:30
From:   anonymous2
Maybe I just have an un-natural nack for the Command Line. I have been a UNIX and Mac user almost my whole life, I did not find it particularly difficult to find my way around, granted a few things like the StartupItems instead of the presented a challenge they were easily conquered. I think your article is great in the sense of "I didn't have to search so hard if I had your article handy".

My only OS X quam is the speed (or lack there of ) of their terminal and others like it (I don't want to start X11 everytime I want a terminal).

About the keyboard....dude get over it or get a DELL, no use in deluging others with a mindless rant. I understand you want to make a pooint, but realize this..there is no point in making a point.


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