Unfinished Business: The One Missing Piece
Subject:   Author didn't do his homework.
Date:   2003-06-13 07:16:28
From:   anonymous2
Active Directory is not a true directory service - a more appropriate name might be 'Active Domains' - it's more of a marketing tool to convince customers that Microsoft has a true directory service.
Novell's directory Service is the most robust on the market. It's run on Linux since 2000. It is the only major cross platform directory service - it supports Windows, Netware, Linux, Sun Solaris and Unix environments, integrating all these heterogenous systems. Redhat's directory service for their worldwide network is Novell's - I'm sure that even Mr Vaughn-Nichols knows that Redhat has a Linux server or 2. A very poorly researched article, Mr. V.N.