Using Remote Data Access with SQL Server CE 2.0
Subject:   Error when pulling data
Date:   2003-06-13 08:31:15
From:   anonymous2
I am using MSDE integrated with VS.NET and SQLServerce 1.0 . I get this error -
Error code: 80004005
Message: SQL ServerCE Encountered Problems in opening the
SQL server CE database [,,,Database name,,]
Minor Err : 28559

what could be the Reason??.

i have created New database 'Module' and Table 'Module' with the Same Definition..

but i am able to invoke Internet Explorer on the emulator and able to connect to the URL http://Kamal/SQLCE/sscesa10.dll"
i couldn't find sscesa20.dll file that's why i used sscesa10.dll..(may be the change in version)...

when i change the localconnectstring as below ( it correct??)
rda.LocalConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.SQLSERVER.OLEDB.CE.1.0;Data Source=\ssce.sdf"
i am getting error code : 800040E21 but with the same Error Message...

please help me..
please reply to
thanks in advance.