Hands on X11
Subject:   Problems here, too.
Date:   2003-06-13 09:14:00
From:   anonymous2
I've not been able to get this to work, either. Using the method described in the article, I get:

[G4-Server:~] mmayer% xclock &
[1] 2186
xclock: Command not found.
[1] Exit 1 xclock
Connection to closed.

Using Paul's method:

[Mark-Mayers-Computer:~] markmayer% ssh -X mmayer@
mmayer@'s password:
Last login: Fri Jun 13 08:53:55 2003 from
Welcome to Darwin!
[G4-Server:~] mmayer% xclock &
[1] 2202
Connection to closed.

Maybe I'm doing something incorrectly.

Also, pardon the attitude, but saying this tutorial is for "Power Users" Only is a complete crock. Some of us beginners are using these tutorials on our path to PowerUserhood, and we need better step-by-step instructions. We might not be your intended audience, but we buy O'Reilly books too. I bought OS X Hacks after using Kevin Hemenway's excellent OSX Apache tutorials. (I also started using Rael's Blosxom around that time.) </rant>

Anyway, thank you for the tutorial, but it's just not working for me.