Privacy and Anonymity in Email
Subject:   Church of Scientology not the target
Date:   2003-06-13 11:38:55
From:   quilty
Response to: Church of Scientology not the target

The Church of Scientology's behavior in the affair is actually far more deplorable than my brief article mentioned (since that was a side topic to the technical issues). Following the link I give in the resources is worthwhile for interested readers; or use a search engine to find more background. As a general matter, the CoS has been quite willing to misuse legal systems, and falsify court claims, in order to harrass and extort its critics.

The general idea is that the CoS maintains, rather paradoxically, that its *doctorine* cannot be publically criticized because the beliefs themselves are protected by copyright. This absurd idea is given unfortunate legal weight because of the last decade's alarming trends in IP law. Just imagine a Muslim, Christian, or Buddhist claiming that their religion should be barred from discussion because such discussion would violate the copyrights on the holy texts (which must not even be revealed to those not willing to fork over $30k or so).

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