Privacy and Anonymity in Email
Subject:   Extremely difficult to use existing software
Date:   2003-06-14 22:07:42
From:   quilty
Response to: Extremely difficult to use existing software

I agree about the difficulty of using existing remailers, FWIW. In fact, I mentioned as much in the article--albeit I did not play up the fact. Part of my goal in creating Gnosis-Anon was to address one privacy aspect that would simultaneously be easy to use with regular MUAs (unfortunately, a bug I found today made me invalidate older anonyms; the homepage is clear that it's alpha-level software).

While I don't think I would agree that it would be simply a -better- article that did hand-holding on the details of using remailers, I do agree that such would be a GOOD article topic. But I felt like writing about the conceptual field of anonymity, and such I did. Of lesser importance to my choice, I don't think I could fit all the nitty-gritty into 1500 words anyway.

All readers are very much encouraged to write HOWTOs for remailer software. Perhaps O'Reilly would publish such a thing. Or otherwise, I would be perfectly happy to host (on any such documents that need a good home.

David Mertz