Subject:   If you don't do it, let someone else do it
Date:   2003-06-15 07:41:04
From:   anonymous2
Blizzard don't have eny small server fort download that you can use on your private LAN and I think that they have por support for Local multiplayer in Diablo 2. When they don't have any server for download that you can use on your private LAN, so you can get better multiplayer support for Diablo 2 or have laddergames when when you are on a LAN that don't have any connection to the internet, then they should allow others to make. BnetD is on server that I give me some real multiplayer support when I am on a private LAN, and it tells me and my friends who really whas the winner after a few days when we have played Starcraft: Broodwar.

So I they don't give people a free saerver to play with on private LAN:s then they should allow other to make the server instead.