How to Manage Large Image Libraries with iPhoto 2
Subject:   Managing and Capturing the Metadata
Date:   2003-06-18 19:58:43
From:   czygmont
Thanks for the article Derrick,

I have an unanswered question, how do you manage and handle all the "metadata", in other words creating it, the film roll titles, the titles for the pictures, the comments. I find this aspect to be the most challenging. I take lots of pictures, but then I find myself wanting to just dump them into iPhoto and continue taking more. As a pro yourself, do you make it a habit to write down notes as you take pictures, or do you just rely on spending some quality time and remembering all the photos you took? I see real value in coming up with clever titles and comments, but I find I don't have as much time as I'd like to force myself to do it.


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