Mac Hacks: The Launch
Subject:   History hack in IE 5
Date:   2003-06-22 16:25:49
From:   anonymous2

I just found your website, and I have been playing with some of the hacks you have there, like the use of ResEdit to turn IE 5 to a kiosk mode...

I have recently discovered that some of my employees have been misusing my computers and the internet on MY time. From Macintosh illiterate they are now able to selectively delete the history so it doesn't reflects the sites they have been visiting. They just go to the Window, History, highlight the items they want to delete and hit delete. They haven't found how to delete the cookies, which is the way I know which sites they have been visited after they have deleted the history.

Is there any way to protect the history from being deleted, or password protect it? I still want to be able to see the history from inside the browser, and want them to be able to see the history, but when they highlight and hit delete, I would like them to hit a "wall" that unables them to erase the items they have selected... and make them sweat a little in the process.

Password protect the Preferences option from the Edit menu?