Open Database Connectivity in Jaguar
Subject:   GPL issues with myODBC?
Date:   2003-06-22 22:25:26
From:   anonymous2
I was looking at this the other day - I haven't been able to google how ODBC drivers are treated under the GPL.
The free download of myODBC is GPLed; AFAIK this means any program dynamically linking to it must also be GPL licensed. Does connecting to an ODBC driver qualify as dynamic linking?

There is an exemption for linking to components of the operating system - presumably this would mean linking to a GPL ODBC driver on Windows is not restricted, but on OS X (through the third party LGPL iODBC API), the client app must be GPL licensed?

I believe Openlink sell a commercial mySQL driver, but I'm still interested to know whether anyone has come across or knows the answer to this one.