Using SOAP with Tomcat
Subject:   Putting the service, where ? and OS X
Date:   2003-06-24 13:25:24
From:   anonymous2
Response to: SOAP

Have the same problem :


But i donīt like the idea of putting my services inside the soap.war package.

InRedHat i just put the service on the general classpath of the machine, and it gets called.

Question: Where is the PROPER place to put the code so tomcat can "see" it ??

And: Classpaths are samewhat strange in OS X, theres a Extensions link where we should put the programs similar to the JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext concept. But i donīt know if Tomcat can see those classes in OS X ...

Anybody has any clue on this particular one ??

greetings everybody, from the other side of the world .. !