Nukes: the Open Source Java CMS
Subject:   the real question behind the article?!
Date:   2003-06-24 14:11:58
From:   anonymous2
Response to: the real question behind the article?!

So the next question will be: "Do we want a successfull OOS project?" or are we satisfied with our ego in the first place?

Myself is focused on an enterprise application, build in a OSS model. At the moment there are two application categories that could reach a state of maturity: content management and databases.

Databases are taking care by SAP and the MySQL group by giving the SAPDB source code and a $29 Mio founding by a VC.

CMS are likely unclear. The community can wait to the next white knight, like SAP or IBM/Oracle for Linux etc., or the community can decide by their own.

If Jboss group will take over this position, then we have to wait for the future. If this OOS thing is realy driven by ego - then there will be no success.

At the end of the day money will be in services and enhancement products on a "kernel". But no CIO will invest on a 1 to 250 chance (if there are about250 OOS CMS projects). CIOs did bet on a 1 to 3 chance when it came to Appservers and invested in JBoss instead of BEA, IBM or Oracle. If this is about making money, then everybody has to change the chances for the guys with the money. This means: "Reduce the choice"