How to Manage Large Image Libraries with iPhoto 2
Subject:   Solutions Wanted for Managing Large Multi-Media Libraries on My G4
Date:   2003-06-25 11:14:38
From:   outlawv
Great article and the tip for creating import/album creation from a Finder folder worked great. Even when the folder had other media in it. Which leads to my question (which you may have previously answered)...

Is Finder my best bet for managing large multi-media libraries? I am not only capturing photos of events, but with my digital camera I additionally capture audio captions and quicktime movies. I eventually want to merge them all using iMovie, but I want to also utilize them in iPhoto (as I did above) and iTunes (for building soundtracks from the audio captions, for instance). Are there any tips for managing these and getting the most out of the iLife applications that can use them?

Thanks for all the great articles and such.