Weblog:   Want to Do More with an iSight than Chat?
Subject:   Cool New Hack for the iSight
Date:   2003-06-25 17:42:34
From:   derrick
I just learned this one from Sal Soghoian. The code is posted on the Apple site, so I know I can share it.

You can use the iSight with QuickTime Broadcaster (a free download) and an AppleScript found on this page to easily record audio/video and save it to your hard drive as a QuickTime file.

Just copy the code for the "Setup for Video to Disk Recording," script, paste it in your Script Editor, enter your parameters, and save it.

When you run the script, the iSight will record the a/v then save it as a QT file on your drive. From that point, you can do anything you want with it.

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  1. Cool New Hack for the iSight
    2003-06-30 14:24:48  anonymous2 [View]

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