HighWLAN: A Driving Wireless Network
Subject:   WLAN in a moving environment
Date:   2003-06-26 06:57:36
From:   anonymous2
Response to: WLAN in a moving environment

I'm working on something similar, with a coverage footprint of around 800 square miles. To get soft handoffs, you need about 50% overlap between the APs, so in my case, I need about 1200 AP sites. The vendors are getting into management solutions that can handle these volumes as one big virtual LAN or multiple VLANs - with one-button firmware updates, etc.
So far, we loose connectivity with 26 dBm cards talking to 36dBm sector antennas at about 25 mph.
Even when stationary, however, we're not getting tremendous throughput because of all the security and signalling overhead - maybe 100kbps.
Next step is to try mobile repeater networks like Mesh Networks and Blue Socket - we've been seeing decent throughput at 40 mph in high-density urban environments. 60 mph is about the limit with these. So we are planning a cellular packet data secondary backbone using CDMA or GSM.