Top Ten iPhoto Tips
Subject:   iPhoto Library Organization
Date:   2003-06-26 13:05:27
From:   anonymous2

Your helpful article is about a year old, so you may not be checking this comment area any more; however, in case you are, a quick question regarding iPhoto Libraries.

At the end of Tip No. 6, you say to remove an iPhoto Library from "Pictures" folder once archived to CD. Then, with relaunch, iPhoto will create a new Library.

At end of Tip No. 7, you say to keep all iPhoto libraries in Pictures folder. I assume, therefore, after removal of archived library from Pictures folder (Tip 6), and subsequent creation of new library with iPhoto relaunch, that user then reinserts archived library from Tip 6 back into Pictures folder with descriptive names added as you suggested--iPhoto Library 1, 2, etc.--so that all libraries will now, in fact, be in Pictures folder?